The Home of the Magic Slice
105 Clinton Street
(212) 477-2708
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-2797
105 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-2708
(212) 477-2795
(212) 477-2797
*Free delivery for orders over $10
We ordered a whole pizza pie, Brooklyn style Manicotti and it was excellent!!!
Christina C

I absolutely love this place. I come here about three to four times a week with my friends after school to eat and talk. The staff are super friendly there amazing, and super attentive. There super clean. And most of all they have AMAZING pizza. I believe this is one of the best in New York City!!! I highly recommend this place, there's something here for everyone to eat!
Genesis Espinal

My team volunteered a few blocks away from Nonna's. I spoke w/ Manny and ordered lunch for about 60 people. Manny and Nonna's over delivered. The pizza was great and the gourmet pizza specials were better. Everyone was raving how great the pizza was and they were all asking where it was from. Manny & Leon, thanks for making our event a success.
Ricky Valeroso

What an evolution this place has gone thru. You can still get a burger deluxe like Mama's, you can still get a fantastic Chicken Cheesesteak like when it was still Nona Appa, but now they have these amazing squares. I've tried each one and they're all fantastic. You have to try at least one (the portobello is my fave).
john gerity

Nonna's LES is by fare the best pizza I've had in my life. I'm from the west coast and don't know as much about pizza as the born and raised east coaster. So, if you are looking for a fresh opinion here it goes. The people who work there are all very friendly and wanting to give you a great experience. They are proud of their pizza as they should be. It's amazing. The pepperoni is so fresh and tasty. The cheese is always soft and perfectly melted. The crust is not ever too crispy or burnt but not floppy either. Try the specialty pizzas. They're amazing. Every last one of them.
maggie felmann

They have 4 or 5 new pizzas that you can only get via walk-in (not delivery). These pizzas are all delicious. so delicious.
Andy Hattemer

famous pizza that lives up to its name. don't expect nonna's to fawn over you - state your order and move to the side. but perfectly crispy slices with enough give in the dough await you.
A Zagat User

It has eye appeal and likely tastes wonderful. I think it is way too busy for a pizza. Let's call it too Cheffy. Back up to the Chicago Bar Pizza and let's try again.

The Lower East Side is a haven for mediocre pizza shops, boasting of not a few Dollar 'Za joints that invariably turn out sugary, flavorless pies. Not the case at Nonna's. Situated just North of the corner of Delancey and Clinton, Nonna's is, as another reviewer put it, "a gem." The ambience of the place is great: dimly lit, small little kitchen where you can see everything going on; no nonsense. This place turns out some of the best pie I've ever had in NYC, and I've eaten my fair share. Everything from their plain cheese to their stuffed artichoke pizza is absolutely amazing, and the guys there have always treated me with courtesy and respect. A little pricey for a slice, but totally worth it; one will certainly fill you up. I will, without reservation, recommend Nonna's to any and all of my friends who visit me on the LES. Come here if you want a legitimate slice of pizza, not some mechanically-reproduced garbage that you find at Domino's or PJ's.
Samuel K.

Delicious pizza--it wasn't super cheap (around $4-5 per slice), but it was well worth it. Great variety to choose from. The eat-in situation was pretty bare-bones (a few tables and chairs, not much decor), but the food is so good I didn't even mind!
Lydia S. Washington

I wasn't expecting much when my boyfriend told me to meet him here before going to a show, only because that particular stretch of Delancey is kind of a food wasteland. But! Holy shit, was the prosciutto slice amazing! The service was friendly and quick, I have no complaints.
Hannah O. Jersey City

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