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Best Places to Live In Lafayette, Colorado

September, June, and August are the most enjoyable months in Lafayette, while December and January are the least comfy months.


  • College-town environment
  • Appealing downtown
  • Educational achievement


  • The expense of living and real estate
  • Traffic and sprawl
  • Economic cycles

Waneka Lake Park

Tree-dotted park with a pond offering paddle boats, fishing & tracks for bird-watching & jogs that is perfect for an avid bird watcher.

WOW! Children's Museum

A museum that informs kids in the areas of arts, sciences, life, and other topics through displays, children can have fun with their senses.

Coal Creek Trail

A good location for a fast walking around town by the water. Slice of real garden and nature mixed that is exactly what this trail aims for to give.

Boulder Metro Area

Boulder, house to the University of Colorado, is a traditional and dynamic college town, with liberal politics, alternative social way of lives and mindsets, and a selection of fashionable little companies, restaurants, galleries, and home entertainment areas. There are some bigger institutions and federal government research study centers, including the area’s economy, and there is a significant high tech belt towards Denver.

Part of the Boulder story is the set of little towns close by that have blown up into usually well-planned but big and magnificently priced suburban areas placed well to take benefit of what both Boulder and Denver have to provide. The towns of Louisville and Lafayette, long back coal mining towns, are also great examples.

Boulder lies in a shallow valley simply at the foot of the Rockies, with surrounding areas of carefully rolling meadow plateau with periodic lakes and tanks. The area environment is normal of the Front Variety, with warm, bright summertime days with low humidity and periodic thunderstorms, and cool to cold winter seasons with routine moderate spells. The impact of cold spells tends to miss out on the area, and the mountains supply some protection from the worst and windiest cold weather conditions.


The joblessness rate in Lafayette is 2.8% (U.S. avg. Lafayette tasks have increased by 2.7%.


Lafayette’s population is 27,440 individuals. Considering that 2010, it has had a population development of 13.5%.

Expense Of Living

Compared to the remainder of the nation, Lafayette’s expense of living is 33.9% greater than the U.S. average. More Expense of Living or Compare Lafayette’s Expense of Living


Typical Commute time is 24.6 minutes. The National Average is 26.4 minutes.

Weather Condition & Environment

September, June, and August are the most enjoyable months in Lafayette, while December and January are the least comfy months.


The typical house expense in Lafayette is $486,200. House gratitude in the last ten years has been 7.6%.


Boulder County voted Democratic in the previous 5 Governmental elections.


Lafayette public schools invest $10,909 per trainee. There are about 18.1 students per instructor in Lafayette.

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